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Welcome to India's first Exclusive Seafood Portal

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Bengaluru’s Ornamental Fisheries Market Flourishes with Rs 100 Crore Monthly Revenue

Bengaluru’s ornamental fisheries market is experiencing a robust surge, contributing to an impressive monthly revenue of approximately Rs 100 crore, as revealed by the Fisheries Research and Information Centre. Dr. Chethan N, a Fisheries Scientist at Karnataka Animal and Fisheries Sciences University (KAFSU), noted a significant 15-20 percent growth in the business over the last five years. With around 2,500 thriving retail shops in the city, the ornamental fisheries industry is becoming increasingly streamlined.

At the Krishi Mela 2023, organized in Bengaluru, KAFSU showcased a variety of ornamental fishes, including Goldfish, Guppy, Sword Tale, Molly, and Widow Tetras. Dr. Chethan highlighted Goldfish as the top-selling ornamental fish, closely followed by Guppy. The event witnessed the swift sale of nearly 800 small fishes on the first day.

The fisheries sector, encompassing both edible and ornamental varieties, has evolved into a more organized and lucrative venture. Farmers are now embracing pisciculture as an alternative source of income. The Karnataka state fisheries department is actively working to elevate the region to the standards set by Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, both of which boast well-established fisheries businesses. In pursuit of this goal, a recent training program for 50 farmers focused on educating them about the ornamental fish business, fostering small ecosystems on their land, creating optimal breeding environments, and employing suitable equipment for desired outcomes.

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