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Deep Sea Wonders Wash Ashore: Venomous Beauties on Chennai Beach

Chennai’s shoreline witnessed a rare and captivating sight – hundreds of deep-sea creatures, the mesmerizing Blue Sea Dragon and the button-like Blue Button, washed ashore by recent storms. While their beauty is undeniable, these exotic visitors pack a hidden punch – a potentially stinging surprise.

The Blue Sea Dragon, a nudibranch, uses its chameleon-like abilities to blend with the ocean depths. Spotted individually or in mesmerizing “blue fleets,” these creatures capture attention with their vibrant hues. Despite their looks, they contain venom borrowed from their prey, including the Portuguese Man o’ War.

The Blue Button, though resembling a single organism, is actually a colony of tiny predators called hydroids. Don’t be fooled by their name – they can trigger skin irritation and rashes if touched. Their stinging mechanism, similar to the “man o’ war,” serves as a defense against curious hands.

Experts attribute their arrival to Cyclone Michaung, which churned the seabed and dislodged these deep-sea dwellers. While their presence is fascinating, wildlife officials urge caution: admire from afar, but don’t attempt to touch. Their venom, though not lethal, can be unpleasant.

These captivating creatures, however, face a harsh reality on land. Unable to withstand the scorching temperatures, they are destined to perish on the shore. Their brief sojourn serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of our oceans and the delicate balance of marine life.

While appreciating their beauty, let’s remember to respect these deep-sea visitors and maintain a safe distance. Their arrival, though not common, offers a glimpse into the hidden wonders of the ocean depths, leaving behind a tale of resilience, beauty, and a little bit of sting.

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