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Goa’s Culinary Mandate: ‘Fish Curry-Rice’ Now a Must on Beach Shack Menus

In a flavorful move to celebrate Goan cuisine and culture, the Goa Government has introduced a mandatory inclusion on beach shack menus – ‘Fish Curry-Rice.’ Following the recent approval of the Shack Policy, Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte declared the government’s directive to ensure that beach shacks not only display but also serve this quintessential Goan dish.

Previously dominated by North Indian offerings, the coastal shacks along Goa’s shoreline will now showcase the authentic flavors of the region. Minister Khaunte emphasized the importance of projecting Goa’s rich culinary heritage to tourists, making ‘fish curry-rice’ a gastronomic must-experience.

The newly passed Shack Policy, designed to address challenges such as illegal hawking and vending on the beaches, includes a requirement for each shack to submit a list of its staff to the department. This holistic approach aims to promote tourism, and Minister Khaunte highlights the need for collaboration among departments and stakeholders for the initiative’s success.

For those who savor the combination of ‘fish curry-rice’ by the beach in Goa, this mandate adds a delectable touch to the sun, sand, and sea experience, making Goan cuisine an integral part of the coastal culinary landscape.

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