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Mangaluru Startup’s SalmoRid: A Bite-Sized Step Towards Sustainable Food

Combating Food Spoilage with Phages: Startup Launches SalmoRid, a Revolutionary Food Processing Aid

In the constant battle against food spoilage, a Mangaluru-based startup has developed a revolutionary weapon: SalmoRid, a phage-based food processing aid. This innovative product harnesses the power of naturally occurring viruses, called phages, to selectively target and eliminate harmful bacteria, extending the shelf life of seafood and potentially other perishable goods.

SalmoRid’s story began at the Advanced Biotech Innovation Centre for Aquamarine (ABIC-AM) of the College of Fisheries in Mangaluru. Driven by the need for effective and safe alternatives to chemical preservatives, researchers at ABIC-AM embarked on a journey to explore the potential of phages. Their efforts culminated in the development of SalmoRid, a product specifically designed to tackle bacteria that threaten the freshness and safety of seafood.

The magic of SalmoRid lies in its targeted approach. Unlike broad-spectrum antibiotics, which indiscriminately kill both beneficial and harmful bacteria, phages are highly selective. They zero in on specific bacterial strains, leaving the good guys untouched. This targeted action not only ensures the effectiveness of SalmoRid in eliminating spoilage bacteria but also minimizes the risk of disrupting the natural microbial balance in food.

For the seafood industry, SalmoRid presents a game-changer. By extending the shelf life of fish and other seafood products, it can reduce waste, optimize logistics, and ultimately enhance food security. The product’s potential extends beyond the realm of seafood, as its ability to target specific bacteria holds promise for applications in other food sectors as well.

The launch of SalmoRid was met with great enthusiasm from the College of Fisheries community and industry experts alike. Applauding its innovation and potential impact, Dr. Anjaneyappa, Dean of the College of Fisheries, highlighted its significance as a testament to the institution’s commitment to fostering cutting-edge research and entrepreneurial spirit.

SalmoRid’s arrival marks a significant step forward in the fight against food spoilage. Its phage-based technology offers a safe, sustainable, and effective alternative to traditional preservatives, paving the way for a future where food waste is minimized and the bounty of the sea reaches more plates.

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