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Norway Cracks Open Indian Seafood Market with New Free Trade Deal

Good news for Norwegian seafood producers! A recently signed free trade agreement between Norway (through trade organization EFTA) and India opens doors to a massive new market. While India isn’t traditionally known for salmon consumption, growing affluence among some Indians creates an opportunity for Western-style food products.

Barriers Lowered, Opportunities Opened:

Previously, high tariffs on most seafood products from Norway stifled market development and exports. This new deal, however, paves the way for a gradual reduction in tariffs over a few years, essentially creating a free trade zone for Norwegian seafood in India.

Beyond Salmon: A Feast for the Future:

While salmon may be the initial focus, the industry is excited about the broader potential. Seafood Norway CEO Geir Ove Ystmark highlights the agreement’s benefits for “pelagic seafood such as herring and mackerel.” This indicates a long-term vision of diversifying seafood exports to India.

Not All Products Included – Room for Improvement:

Seafood Norway acknowledges that some companies might be disappointed as certain seafood products are not covered by the deal. This suggests there may be ongoing negotiations to further expand the agreement.

Praise for Government, Hope for More:

The industry commends the Norwegian government’s efforts in securing this deal. CEO Ystmark emphasizes the importance of similar initiatives, stating, “This gives the industry hopes for strengthened work and good progress in other markets as well.” This suggests a desire for the government to pursue improved market access in key areas like the EU and Japan.

Overall, this free trade agreement marks a significant step for the Norwegian seafood industry, offering exciting possibilities for expansion into the vast Indian market.

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