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Odisha Fishermen Advised Exercise Caution Amidst Cyclonic Storm Warning

In response to the recent forecast by the India Meteorological Department (IMD) predicting the formation of a cyclonic storm in the Bay of Bengal, the Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) in Odisha has issued a precautionary warning to fishermen along the state’s coast. According to the IMD’s update, a low-pressure system, currently positioned over the South Andaman Sea and adjacent to the Malacca, is anticipated to move west-northwestwards. By November 30, it is expected to intensify into a depression over the southeast Bay of Bengal, subsequently evolving into a cyclonic storm over the southwest and adjoining southeast Bay of Bengal in the following 48 hours.

The SRC’s advisory, communicated on Tuesday, underscores the potential impact on the region, with squally winds reaching speeds of 40 to 50 kmph and gusting up to 60 kmph over the central Bay of Bengal and the southwest Bay of Bengal from December 1. By the subsequent day, these wind speeds are likely to escalate to 50 to 60 kmph, gusting up to 70 kmph. In light of these developments, the SRC has strongly urged fishermen against venturing into the deep sea areas of the central Bay of Bengal, emphasizing a particular focus on safety measures starting from the morning of December 1.

As a proactive measure, the SRC has directed fishermen already at sea to make a prompt return to land by the specified date. Furthermore, recognizing the critical role of communication in such situations, the Fisheries and Animal Resources Development (ARD) department has been tasked with ensuring the efficient dissemination of alerts and warnings to the fishing community. The department is also instructed to provide timely updates on the status of fishermen and boats currently at sea, facilitating a coordinated and swift response to the potential cyclonic storm in the region.**

The upcoming days will be crucial as authorities and the fishing community in Odisha closely monitor developments, prioritizing safety and preparedness in the face of unpredictable weather patterns. The collaborative efforts between the SRC, IMD, and relevant departments underscore the proactive stance taken to safeguard the well-being of fishermen and mitigate potential risks associated with the looming cyclonic storm in the Bay of Bengal.

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