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Welcome to India's first Exclusive Seafood Portal

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Unlocking Global Palates: Vietnamese Seafood Expert Inspires Andhra Pradesh’s Marine Industry

Renowned Vietnamese seafood processing expert, Tran Quoc Son, has identified a burgeoning market for Indian seafood products, particularly those from Andhra Pradesh, in Vietnam. During a three-day training session held at Sandhya Aqua Products Private Limited in Krishna district, Mr. Quoc Son urged aqua processing unit leaders to prioritize the export of ready-to-eat seafood items. Emphasizing the growing international demand for value-added marine products, he commended the management of Sandhya Aqua for maintaining high standards of quality and cleanliness in processing.

“Vietnamese consumers have a penchant for Indian shrimp and seafood, and the current trend is towards the heightened appeal of value-added products in the global market,” Mr. Quoc Son shared during an interview with The Hindu. He lauded Sandhya Aqua’s commitment to quality throughout the peeling, grading, cooking, and packing processes, highlighting the adherence to standard methods by the staff, especially the women involved in preparing and packing the value-added products.

Mr. Quoc Son conducted a comprehensive assessment of the entire seafood production cycle, including stock procurement from farmers, transportation, cleaning, processing, and exports. He expressed appreciation for Sandhya Aqua’s dedication to exporting high-quality value-added seafood. Drawing parallels with Vietnamese dining habits, he revealed, “In Vietnam, shrimp is a daily staple, and value-added seafood items are highly sought after in our restaurants.”

As the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) orchestrates a State-wide hands-on training initiative, Andhra Pradesh’s aqua industry looks poised to capitalize on the expertise shared by Tran Quoc Son, potentially elevating the state’s marine products onto even more international plates.

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