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Unveiling the Aquatic Symphony: Sandhya’s Resilient Tale on Munroe Island

Nestled in the captivating embrace of Munroe Island, Sandhya and her husband, Shilu I G, embarked on a journey that transformed the ebb and flow of the Ashtamudi lake into a symphony of aquaculture. Their story began with the allure of this island, named after the British resident Col John Munroe of the erstwhile Travancore state.*

*The couple’s vision was initially set on cultivating shrimp, envisioning a venture that mirrored the rhythm of the island’s beauty. However, challenges arose with the island’s fish farming practices, and attempts at shrimp cultivation proved futile. Undeterred, they shifted gears, introducing ‘karimeen’ (pearl spot) fish seeds, which proved to be the key that unlocked the door to success.*

*The journey, however, wasn’t without its trials. A devastating setback hit in 2018 when the farm faced the wrath of a deluge. The bund was breached, and the entire fish stock was swept away. Yet, Sandhya, driven by resilience, refused to let adversity drown her dreams. Today, their annual karimeen yield stands at a commendable five tonnes, fetching up to ₹600 per kg. The delectable catch has become a star attraction for eateries along the banks of the Ashtamudi, frequented by locals and tourists alike.*

*Sandhya’s dedication extends beyond her business; she is equally committed to the conservation of natural habitats. Her concern deepens as Munroe Island grapples with changing topography, earning it the ominous title of the ‘sinking island.’ Tidal flooding, persisting for eight to nine months a year, coupled with sediment build-up, poses a threat to the local community’s livelihood.*

*Yet, in the face of adversity, Sandhya envisions more than just a thriving fish farm. With a decade of resilience under her belt, she contemplates unlocking the tourism potential of her aquatic venture. Her story, a testament to perseverance, recently earned her the prestigious ‘Best Marine Fish Farmer’ award at the Global Fisheries Conference in Ahmedabad. Union Minister Parshottam Rupala presented her with a ₹1 lakh reward and a certificate, recognizing the extraordinary tale of turning challenges into an aquatic symphony on Munroe Island.*

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