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Welcome to India's first Exclusive Seafood Portal

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Veteran Shrimp Farmer Sees Bright Future for Domestic Market

Manoj Sharma, a seasoned shrimp farmer in Gujarat, India, holds a firm belief that the country’s domestic market has the potential to absorb up to 50% of the nation’s shrimp supply by 2030. This optimistic outlook stems from his deep understanding of the industry and his unwavering faith in the growing demand for shrimp among Indian consumers.

Sharma’s conviction is further fueled by his plans to open several new restaurants in India next year, specifically targeting major cities with a burgeoning appetite for seafood. This strategic move aims to not only expand his business reach but also play a pivotal role in promoting domestic shrimp consumption and educating consumers about its nutritional value and culinary versatility.

Sharma’s confidence in the domestic market’s potential is not unfounded. India’s middle class is expanding rapidly, and with it, their disposable income. This growing affluence is translating into a shift in dietary preferences, with seafood gaining prominence as a symbol of prosperity and a healthier lifestyle.

The rising demand for shrimp is also being driven by urbanization and the changing lifestyles of Indian households. As more people move to cities, they are increasingly relying on convenient and ready-to-eat food options, making seafood, particularly shrimp, a popular choice due to its ease of preparation and versatility in various cuisines.

Sharma’s initiatives to increase domestic shrimp consumption are not limited to opening restaurants. He is also actively involved in promoting sustainable shrimp farming practices and educating farmers about the latest aquaculture technologies. By ensuring the quality and sustainability of shrimp production, Sharma believes he can further strengthen the appeal of domestic shrimp among Indian consumers.

Sharma’s vision of a thriving domestic shrimp market is not merely a personal ambition; it is a testament to his deep-rooted belief in the potential of the Indian shrimp industry. His efforts to raise awareness and promote consumption are bound to yield positive results, paving the way for a future where India’s domestic market plays a significant role in shaping the nation’s shrimp industry.

Dr. Manoj Sharma is the founder of Mayank aquaculture Pvt. Ltd., one of the first and fastest growing aquaculture companies in Gujarat, India. He is a visionary leader who transformed the coastal wasteland into the most viable shrimp farming business, providing livelihood to thousands of people. He is also the first to start the concept of satellite shrimp farming with complete traceability protocol in Gujarat and the first person in the country to advocate low stocking module for L. vannamei. His success story is an inspiration for the new generation of Indian entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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