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Welcome to India's first Exclusive Seafood Portal

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Qatar Lifts Ban on Frozen Seafood from India, Paving the Way for Enhanced Trade Relations

In a significant development, Qatar has lifted its temporary ban on the import of frozen seafood from India, opening doors for increased exports and strengthened bilateral ties between the two nations. This decision comes as a welcome relief for Indian seafood exporters, who have been working tirelessly to resolve the issue since it was imposed in November 2022.

The ban was initially imposed due to alleged detection of Vibrio cholera from a few shipments originating from India. However, the Qatari authorities assured India that the ban was temporary and attributed it to a shortage of testing laboratories in the country in the lead-up to the FIFA World Cup.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, along with the Embassy of India in Qatar, played a pivotal role in facilitating discussions with Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health. These efforts culminated in the February 16th notification lifting the ban on frozen seafood imports.

While restrictions on the export of chilled seafood remain in place, the MPEDA Chairman expressed optimism that these too will be lifted soon after a thorough reevaluation of the situation. He further acknowledged the recent decision by China to lift the suspension of 99 Indian seafood processing exporters, highlighting India’s commitment to maintaining stringent quality control measures.

The lifting of these bans represents a positive step forward in India’s efforts to bolster its seafood exports and strengthen its trade relations with Qatar and China. The MPEDA, along with other concerned agencies, has played a crucial role in addressing these issues and ensuring the continued growth of India’s seafood industry.

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