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Goa’s Waters Get a New Treasure: Mussel Farming Gains Momentum with Promising Profits and Government Support

The coastal state of Goa is witnessing a rising tide of entrepreneurial spirit in its waters, thanks to a burgeoning interest in mussel farming. The Fisheries Department, determined to empower local communities and tap into the potential of this lucrative venture, recently conducted an awareness program and demonstration at St Estevam.

Nearly 100 farmers gathered to witness the release of 35 ropes carrying mussel seeds, a symbolic gesture that ignited their curiosity and aspirations. Fisheries experts patiently unveiled the intricacies of mussel rearing and harvesting, outlining a process that takes just five months to yield a delicious and profitable reward.

“We are seeing an encouraging response towards mussel culture,” said Shamila Monteiro, Fisheries Director. Her optimism stems from the promising numbers: a single rope of seeds can yield up to 1.5 kg of fully grown mussels, currently fetching a market price of Rs 400 per kg in Goa. This translates to a significant opportunity for unemployed youth and farmers residing near river areas.

Recognizing the potential, the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY) scheme offers financial assistance to make mussel farming an accessible reality. General category beneficiaries can receive up to 40% of the unit cost, while ST/SC/women beneficiaries can tap into a 60% grant, both capped at Rs 20,000.

However, the suitability of Goa’s waters plays a crucial role. To ensure success, rivers need a salinity level above 27 parts per thousand (ppt). The Fisheries Department is actively identifying areas with ideal conditions and encouraging fish farmers in these regions to embrace mussel farming.

“This is not just about expanding our seafood industry,” Monteiro emphasized. “It’s about empowering individuals, creating jobs, and boosting the local economy.” With its low investment requirement, high returns, and government support, mussel farming presents a compelling opportunity for Goan communities to dive into a new wave of prosperity.

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