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GSF Report Empowers Shrimp Industry: Insights for Boosting Consumption

In April 2023, the Global Shrimp Forum (GSF) revealed its strategic decision to utilize surplus funds from its inaugural event for a purposeful initiative. These funds were dedicated to commissioning a comprehensive study aimed at researching and understanding effective strategies to promote increased consumption of shrimp.

Arnd Jan Gulmans, an Independent Marketing and Brand Consultant, undertook the responsibility of crafting the report over the past six months. Leveraging his expertise, Gulmans conducted extensive interviews with industry experts and leaders, immersing himself in the intricacies of the shrimp sector.

Presenting his findings at the 2023 Global Shrimp Forum, Gulmans also engaged with numerous GSF attendees, enriching the study with diverse perspectives from within the industry.The report’s overarching goal is to empower the shrimp industry, providing valuable insights to shape its narrative and highlighting the long-term benefits associated with effective shrimp promotion. Gulmans aims to shed light on the industry’s robust position and the strategic advantages it possesses.

For those eager to delve into the research findings, the Global Shrimp Forum offers a free download of the report. This initiative aligns with GSF’s commitment to fostering knowledge and collaboration within the shrimp community. Stakeholders, industry professionals, and enthusiasts alike can access the report to gain a nuanced understanding of the opportunities and challenges in promoting increased shrimp consumption.

To access this valuable resource, download the FREE report below:

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