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Kerala on the Hook: Union Pushes for Safety Upgrades at Notorious Muthalapozhi Fishing Harbour

Muthalapozhi fishing harbour, notorious for its string of tragic accidents, is finally facing a push for safety upgrades. The Union government has urged Kerala to submit a comprehensive proposal by year’s end, merging its existing ₹50 crore modernization plan with recommendations from a crucial study.

For decades, Muthalapozhi has been a chilling backdrop to countless fishing boat mishaps, claiming over 60 lives. The government, under pressure, commissioned a study by the Central Water and Power Research Station (CWPRS) to tackle the navigational woes plaguing the harbour. Its findings are expected by December, holding the key to unlocking a safer future for fishermen.

But action is already underway. The Adani Group, contracted in 2018 to maintain the harbour’s depth, is under scrutiny. Their dredging commitment to keep the entrance and channel clear is crucial for safe navigation. Meanwhile, the state’s proposed ₹50 crore modernization plan, encompassing infrastructure upgrades like electrification, surveillance, and cold storage, is being reviewed.

The Union government’s push for a comprehensive proposal goes beyond mere infrastructure. In response to a recent tragedy, they dispatched a technical team to assess the situation. Their recommendations, covering both immediate and long-term solutions, will be incorporated into the final plan.

This renewed focus on safety marks a turning point for Muthalapozhi. The combined efforts of the Union government, the CWPRS study, and the state’s modernization plan offer hope for a future where fishermen can navigate these waters with confidence, leaving behind the dark legacy of accidents and returning home safely to their families.

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