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Ladakh’s Fisheries Flourish: Inspiring Tales of Success Illuminate the Region’s Fish Farming Landscape

In a remarkable acknowledgment of achievements in the fisheries domain, the National Fisheries Development Board has showcased the success stories of Amina Bano and Muhammad Ilyas, two pioneering fish farmers from Ladakh’s Drass sub-division. Ranked at 51 and 52, their narratives underscore their invaluable contributions to India’s thriving fisheries sector.

Muhammad Ilyas, a resident of Majidam Village, Kargil, opted for fish farming despite the challenging climate conditions. Faced with the harsh Ladakhi cold, he turned to fish farming, realizing its potential for substantial income with minimal effort. Through the “Trout Culture in Raceways” initiative, he transformed his aspirations into reality, receiving financial support to establish a raceway and stock rainbow trout fingerlings. Ilyas plans to expand his unit under the PMMSY scheme, showcasing entrepreneurial spirit and providing employment opportunities.

Amina Begum Gindiyal, another entrepreneur from Majidam Village, overcame climatic challenges to pursue trout culture. With government support, she established a raceway, stocked it with rainbow trout fingerlings, and witnessed an uplift in her socioeconomic conditions. Her success has not only improved her economic standing but has also contributed to popularizing trout culture in the region.

The Assistant Director of Fisheries in Kargil emphasized the transformative impact of centrally sponsored schemes like the Blue Revolution and Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY). These initiatives have not only generated employment for educated youth but have also introduced a lucrative and less managerial form of farming, fostering economic growth in the fisheries sector.

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