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Seaweed to the Rescue: CMFRI Develops Natural Remedies for Immunity and Cholesterol

The ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) has announced a promising step forward in healthcare, signing a deal to commercialize two seaweed-based nutraceuticals with impressive potential. These natural products tackle common health concerns – one boosting anti-viral immunity and the other combating high cholesterol.

Dr. A Gopalakrishnan, director of CMFRI, partnered with Joby George, managing partner of Pioneer Pharmaceuticals, to bring these innovative products to market. The nutraceuticals are derived from bioactive compounds found in specific seaweeds, harnessed through eco-friendly extraction methods. This ensures a 100% natural blend rich in highly nutritious and active ingredients.

Combating Post-Covid Complications with Cadalmin IMecould:

This nutraceutical, with its anti-viral properties, holds promise in addressing post-Covid complications. It works by enhancing immune responses through regulating the secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines. Dr. Kajal Chakraborty, who led the research team, emphasizes its potential as a natural alternative for addressing inflammation and autoimmune disorders.

A Natural Remedy for High Cholesterol with Cadalmin Ace:

This seaweed-based extract offers a natural solution to dyslipidemia and hypercholesterolemic disorders. Dr. Chakraborty explains that Cadalmin Ace utilizes a purified seaweed concentrate with potent anti-dyslipidemic activity. These ingredients, readily available in Indian coastal waters, provide a sustainable and effective approach to managing cholesterol levels.

More Seaweed-Based Solutions on the Horizon:

CMFRI’s commitment to seaweed-based healthcare extends beyond these two products. The institute is actively developing nutraceuticals targeting a range of lifestyle diseases, including diabetes, arthritis, and hypertension. These efforts highlight the immense potential of marine resources in promoting natural and sustainable health solutions.

With a six-month timeframe for market entry, these seaweed-derived products are poised to make a significant impact on healthcare. CMFRI’s dedication to research and innovation offers hope for a future where natural remedies from the sea play a key role in maintaining overall well-being.

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