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Unveiling ‘Awaous Motla’: Odisha’s Newly Discovered Edible Freshwater Gem

In a groundbreaking revelation, scientists conducting research in western Odisha have discovered a previously unknown species of edible freshwater fish, now officially named ‘Awaous Motla.’ This vibrant yellow-hued fish, distinguished by its fleshy upper lip, emerged during a research project funded by the Odisha government.

The principal investigator, Prof Jaya Kishor Seth of Berhampur University’s zoology department, and the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI), Gopalpur, spearheaded the project. Collected from the Mahanadi river near Sonepur and Boudh bridge in June 2022, the specimens displayed distinct characteristics setting them apart from others in the same genus.

Collaborating with Anil Mohapatra of ZSI’s Estuarine Biology Regional Centre and an Australian scientist, extensive studies confirmed ‘Awaous Motla’ as a new and unique species. Local fishermen, familiar with the fish as ‘motla,’ sell it fresh or dried, with prices reaching Rs 600 per kg and Rs 800 per kg, respectively.

The discovery, detailed in the online issue of the Journal of Fish Biology on October 28, marks a significant addition to the region’s aquatic biodiversity. Professor Seth emphasized the need for long-term research to unravel aspects like the species’ migration patterns and nutritional value, factors contributing to its elevated market price compared to other locally available fishes.

‘Awaous Motla’ not only enriches the culinary landscape but also underscores the importance of continued exploration and conservation efforts to protect the diverse aquatic life in Odisha’s Mahanadi river. This discovery opens up avenues for further scientific inquiry and highlights the richness of India’s freshwater ecosystems.

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