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Government of India Initiatives Propel Transition to Deep-Sea Fishing; Calls for Global Collaboration in Cold Water Fisheries Development

In a recent announcement, Union Minister L. Murugan affirmed the central government’s unwavering commitment to supporting traditional fishing communities as they transition to deep-sea fishing. The initiatives, namely the Blue Revolution and Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana, aim to provide financial assistance of up to 60% for traditional fishermen to convert their vessels into deep-sea fishing boats, along with available loan facilities.

Speaking at the ‘Global Fisheries Conference India 2023’ in Ahmedabad, Minister Murugan highlighted the importance of modern fishing vessels equipped with in-built processing facilities to meet international quality standards, particularly for deep-sea resources like tuna. Acknowledging the current capabilities gap among traditional fishermen, he emphasized the government’s commitment to bridging this divide.

Arunachal Pradesh Fisheries Minister Tage Taki, attending the conference, urged countries such as Norway, New Zealand, Denmark, and Australia to extend technical assistance and transfer improved technology for the development of the cold water fisheries sector. He also sought support from the central government for the cold water fishery sector’s growth in Arunachal Pradesh, with a focus on trout culture and post-harvesting management infrastructure.

Deputy Commissioner of Fisheries, GoI, Sanjay Pandey, highlighted the substantial value of deep-sea resources, citing the ‘Indian Ocean Yellowfin Tuna’ with an end value exceeding USD 4 billion. However, World Bank consultant Dr. Arthur Neiland pointed out a stark reality – despite the promising potential of yellowfin and skipjack tunas in India’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), the actual catch is a mere 12% of the estimated harvest, emphasizing the urgent need for public and private sector investment in deep-sea fishing. This investment, he argued, could yield economic, social, and environmental benefits on a significant scale.

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